Our Services

SHARE can help in many ways. Our hotline is here for everyone: survivors, their friends, and other concerned community members.  

We are here to listen and help you:

  • process your experiences
  • consider your options for filing criminal or disciplinary charges
  • evaluate your need for medical attention
  • strategize about the day-to-day challenges of coping with sexual misconduct
  • set up ongoing counseling if you wish
  • activate additional support systems

In addition to individual services and counseling, we facilitate support groups.

If you are a student, we can help with any responsive actions you take (if you are not a student, we will connect you with other advocacy resources). We can expedite appointments, accompany you, and generally facilitate the process of working with:

  • Yale Health Acute Care
  • Yale-New Haven Emergency Services
  • the Yale Police Investigative Unit
  • the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct
  • the Title IX Coordinators

We work with the Yale community to build a safer, more supportive campus. We offer information, training and educational services on a variety of topics related to sexual misconduct, relationships and sexuality, and resources.  Below are a list of some of our workshops and programs.  We are also available to work with you to create programs tailored to your specific needs.  

  • Balancing Acts: Balancing School and Relationships
  • How to Help a Friend
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Debunking the Hookup:  Thinking and Talking about Hookup Myths
  • IPV 101:  Understanding the Basics of Intimate Partner Violence
  • Fighting Fair: Conflict Resolution in Relationships
  • Remembering the U in Us: Practicing Self-Care While in a Relationship
  • Dynamics of Sexual Harassment and Gender 

Please feel free to visit our lending library which is comprised of a variety of books and DVDs on these topics.

We also provide services to people who are concerned they may be hurting others. We offer:

  • hotline consultations
  • individual awareness training on recognizing and respecting other people’s sexual boundaries

The decision for any specific action, both immediate and long term, is up to the survivor. All contacts are confidential.