Remedies and Practical Support

Sometimes, an experience of sexual assault, harassment, or other misconduct is compounded by the challenges of day-to-day life at school. It can be particularly difficult if you continue to see the person who hurt you—in a dining hall, in a class, or just around campus. As an institution, Yale works to alleviate such ongoing distress. The Title IX Coordinators can work with you to remedy these kinds of situations. The University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct can also do similar things as part of informal resolutions.

Remedies are shaped by your needs, and might include actions such as:

  • Switching either you or the alleged offender out of a shared class—into a new section, or sometimes a new class altogether
  • Temporarily or permanently changing room assignments
  • Issuing a “no contact order” in which people are forbidden from interacting
  • Having work re-graded in a course where there is a report of instructor sexual harassment
  • Allowing a student to withdraw from a course without penalty

Some remedies can be implemented without the alleged offender’s involvement at all, if that is what you wish.