Medical Care

We recommend that you seek medical treatment at Acute Care or with one of your regular health care providers, even if you think you are physically okay. You may be at risk for a sexually transmitted infection; you might also have internal injuries that can’t be seen or felt.  Both men and women should receive post-assault medical attention. Depending on who you are and what happened to you, appropriate treatment could include emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, and/or prophylactic treatment for HIV and other STIs. SHARE can arrange a ride to bring you to Acute Care, and meet you there.  You can also call the special services minivan at 203-432-2788.

Note that due to legal requirements Acute Care cannot collect evidence. If the assault was very recent, you might consider going to Yale-New Haven Hospital to work with a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (a SANE nurse) who can gather evidence in case you want to press charges. See “Evidence Collection” for more details.