Crisis Situations - Intimate Partner Violence

Safety is Important

If physical or sexual abuse is a dynamic in a relationship, often safety is a concern.  Call 911 or the Yale Police (203-432-4400) in cases of immediate danger.  It may also be helpful to identify a safe place to go in times of crisis.  This could be a friend’s room or a public place on campus.  Individuals may find it difficult to disclose to others that abuse is part of their relationship.  They may feel afraid of what may happen if they let others know what is happening. They may have feelings of shame.  Reaching out to others can be helpful for developing an action plan.  SHARE is available at any time and can provide confidential services.  The Yale Police are also available when orders of protection are needed.  

Are you Injured?

IPV can result in physical injuries.  If you are hurt in anyway, you can go to Acute Care.  It may be important to be examined even if you are unsure if you are injured.  

SHARE can set up a visit, arrange a ride for you, and accompany you there. You can also call the Yale Police directly 203-432-4400, or the special services minivan at 203-432-2788.

Consider Your Options

Are you thinking about filing any kind of complaint? There are a variety of options, both internal and external, for members of the Yale community. See our page on “Considering your options”; the Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention at Yale site is another important source of information. Call us if you have questions or would like us to assist you through any of these processes.

Please reach out to us or to someone you trust. IPV experiences can cause troubling emotions. Sometimes these emotions are immediate and sometimes they occur later. Individuals often experience shock, anger, helplessness, self-blame, shame, problems with eating or sleeping, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, irritability, denial and/or fear and isolation.  Many find some relief in talking to empathetic friends, mentors, and counselors—not only can these people offer valuable support, the very act of reaching out can help you fight that isolation. SHARE is always an option. We are here for you, day or night, 365 days a year.

For more information and resources on intimate partner violence, please visit the Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence Services