If you call SHARE or come in to Acute Care or the Yale-New Haven Hospital Emergency Department, that contact will be kept confidential in all but the most extreme of circumstances (when you or someone else is at risk of imminent harm). We will not reveal to anyone that you spoke to us or came in for treatment.

Conversations that take place outside of medical and therapeutic relationships—with a dean or freshman counselor, for example—will be kept mostly confidential, but any information about an incident of sexual misconduct will need to be shared with one of the Title IX Coordinators.  These are the University officials charged with maintaining an environment free of sexual harassment, including sexual violence. One of the coordinators (usually, the one assigned to your school) will offer to meet with you to make sure your needs are being met, and to determine how the University will respond to this incident. Your wishes are central in shaping the Title IX Coordinator’s response, but doing nothing at all may not be an option; the risks to the community must be weighed.

Please review the chart below for more information about how different resources will respond if you contact them for assistance.