Yale Police

SHARE works closely with the Yale Police Department, particularly with the Sensitive Crimes and Support Coordinator who is dedicated to assisting with and investigating cases of sexual violence, harassment, assault, violence against women, and other crimes of sexual misconduct, including stalking, intimate partner violence, and workplace violence. The Yale Police Department is staffed with officers who have extensive training on crimes of sexual violence. They are fully sworn police officers; everyone from the dispatchers and investigators to the Chief has received substantive training on investigating crimes of sexual and gendered violence. The YPD detectives want to hear from you; speaking with the YPD does not mean you are required to file any kind of complaint or report.  They handle several cases a year, but would like to be utilized more often.  They believe that sexual violence is far too serious a crime to be handled by discipline alone. You can pursue both disciplinary and criminal charges simultaneously.

People wanting to file a police report often work with SHARE to do so. SHARE will set up the initial meeting with investigators and accompany you through the process. You can also contact the YPD directly at 203-432-4400. In rare instances, the New Haven Police will have jurisdiction; the YPD is still a resource and will manage an effective transfer of the case.

You can talk to the police in an exploratory fashion, without being committed to pressing charges.