Title IX Coordinators

Each school at Yale has a Title IX Coordinator. The Coordinators monitor and report upon incidents of gender-based discrimination, including sexual misconduct. They ensure that the university responds effectively to each complaint or report. Where appropriate, they conduct investigations and seek to achieve resolutions; at other times, they coordinate with the Yale Police, the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (the UWC), and SHARE.

In responding to complaints, the Coordinators respect the complainant’s wishes regarding the scope and type of response. However, if the Coordinators believe the reported behavior constitutes a significant threat to community safety, they may take additional action.  Even in those circumstances, the victim’s preferences (including a desire for anonymity) will influence the response.

Given their mandate to track campus sexual misconduct, the Title IX Coordinators must be well informed of all reported or suspected incidents. Most university employees who work with students—including deans, masters, police, freshman counselors, and communication and consent educators—need to report any knowledge they have of sexual misconduct to the relevant Title IX Coordinator.  The Coordinators always keep any reports made to them as confidential as possible and do all they can to respect the wishes of the complainant in any actions taken.

SHARE services are strictly confidential, as are those of clergy or health care providers; you can also call SHARE anonymously.  SHARE does not provide information or reports to the Title IX Coordinators. 

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